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The Essence of Ralph Lauren’s “Very Ralph” Documentary Celebration at the Met Museum


As a New York City-based wedding photojournalist, I specialize in capturing timeless moments. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing the premiere of “Very Ralph” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art—an event that celebrated the storied career of fashion icon Ralph Lauren. This experience highlighted the harmony between my photographic style and Ralph Lauren’s timeless elegance.

The Event: A Night of Celebration

Hosted at the grand Met Museum, the event was an ode to classic style and luxury, much like a perfect wedding day. The ambiance, rich with history and style, provided endless inspiration for my photography.

Synergy of Styles

My approach to capturing weddings—focusing on both the candid and the curated—mirrors Ralph Lauren’s design philosophy. The event’s setting and style resonated with how I capture the essence of wedding days, where every moment is a blend of spontaneity and meticulous detail.

Reflective Insights

Photographing this event reinforced my appreciation for simplicity and beauty—qualities that both Ralph Lauren’s fashion and my photography celebrate. This night was not just an assignment; it was a journey that enriched my perspective and approach to wedding photojournalism.


The Ralph Lauren premiere was more than a celebration of fashion—it was a reaffirmation of my photographic path. Each image captured was a testament to the beauty of timeless design and the power of narrative, much like the stories I tell through my wedding photography.