Born and raised in New York City, with over 13 years of transcendent experience in the wedding industry, as a NYC Wedding Photographer.

Diligent and creative in arts and fashion, John Castillo provides a one of a kind service to his couples that choose him and his studio to capture the most important day in their lives.

"What started as a curious hobby turned into a rewarding career."

I have been so fortunate that I've been able to take the things that inspire me and apply them organically to my wedding photography.

I want your memories to not only mean something, but to feel like it's a page out of a magazine! So if, you’re looking for a photographer to just get a "couple of good smiling shots", I'm probably not your photographer.


Commitment. Love. God. Passion. 

In many ways, photojournalism is an art and I strive in every way possible to capture every detail of the story so that people can understand not only what is going on in the picture, but behind the picture.

Its challenging to capture so much life with a single picture, but its one I thoroughly enjoy. Particularly with Weddings.
With so much of my faith being tied to Jesus, weddings are the most enjoyable. Think about what a Wedding represents.


All of these are things that live in me and I’m committed to helping newlyweds start a new story through photojournalism. 
I live with joy, peace and the promise of life!" 

bike rides

coastal waters

Film photography

real moments


gorgeous florals

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I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day